• The most appropriate and correct treatment for both external and cervical lesions from the wart virus is cauterization.
  • Wart cauterization is performed at the doctor's office in the following ways
  1. Diathermy - electrodiathermy.
  2. Laser.

How is cauterization of external - acute warts?

Cauterization of external warts is done in practice level following local application of anesthetic (xylocaine) in lesions. The lesions after proper cauterization disappear and at the level of the lesions there are small scars that heal automatically and completely after 7 days.


Do warts on the cauterized area reappear?

No, warts may reappear in areas other than those that were cauterized, in which case the session may be repeated.

Do I have to do a lot of cauterization to be completely well?

No, and how many times the cauterization of warts while other times with two or three sessions the treatment is finalized.

I have warts on the outside, should I have a Pap test?

Of course, the cervix should be examined internally for virus damage.s

Does wart cauterization hurt?

Not that it may cause discomfort is the injection of a local anesthetic before cauterization.

Is there any other type of treatment besides cauterization?

There is, the application of IMIKIMODIS cream is a very good choice which also helps without cauterization.

Have I had a cauterization when can I have contact?

Sexual intercourse is allowed after 10 - 15 days.